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Transparent food clamshell packaging for fresh fruits and cakes

Our Clamshell Packaging is a versatile solution tailored for the diverse needs of the food industry. From eggs and sushi to fresh fruits and dry goods, this packaging ensures the preservation and presentation of a wide range of food items. Crafted with sustainability in mind, these clamshells offer a secure and eco-friendly choice for packaging, emphasizing product visibility and freshness.


    The clamshell design consists of two hinged halves that resemble a clamshell, providing easy access to the contents within.
    Crafted from high-quality materials, our clamshell packaging ensures durability and protection for your food products. Whether made from PET, PVC, or other suitable materials, these clamshells serve as a reliable barrier against external elements, maintaining the freshness and integrity of the enclosed items.
    Ideal for various food applications, our clamshell packaging is perfect for grab-and-go meals, deli items, and other on-the-go food offerings. The convenient design not only offers a secure enclosure but also allows for effortless display and access. 
    Elevate your food packaging experience with our Versatile Clamshell Packaging, designed to accommodate a variety of food items beyond the conventional. In addition to vegetables and meat, these clamshells are ideal for eggs, sushi, fresh fruits, dry goods and so on.
    We have dedicated years to perfecting our clamshell packaging designs. In fact, each of our clamshell packaging products help to both protect and promote your product. We are your source for quality clamshell products. 
    Choose our Versatile Clamshell Packaging for a sustainable, adaptable, and secure solution that goes beyond traditional boundaries, meeting the diverse requirements of the food industry.











    PET, PP, PE, rPET, rPP, rPE, PVC, PS, ABS, BOPS, etc


    Bakery packaging, salad packaging, cake packaging, egg packaging, fresh fruits, etc.

    Ideal for delis, restaurants, supermarkets, and takeout establishments.


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    Adaptability: The packaging is available in various shapes and sizes, accommodating different types of food products. Tailored for a diverse range of food items, our clamshell packaging is suitable for eggs, sushi, fresh fruits, and dry goods, providing a comprehensive solution for your packaging needs.
    Environmentally Friendly Options: Many variants of Transparent Food Clamshell Packaging are available in eco-friendly materials, addressing sustainability concerns and catering to environmentally conscious consumers.
    Secure Closure: Featuring a secure hinged closure, the clamshell packaging provides a tight seal, keeping the food items fresh and protected during storage, transport and display, maintaining their integrity throughout the supply chain.
    Clear Visibility: Transparent design allows consumers to easily view the contents, enhancing product appeal and marketability.

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