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Glycol Distearate Blister Tray for Cosmetics Essentials

MinXing cosmetic blister tray, a sophisticated solution for showcasing and protecting your beauty essentials. This sleek and transparent tray is designed specifically for cosmetics, providing a secure and stylish packaging option. Elevate the presentation of your makeup products while ensuring they stay in perfect condition during transport and on display.


    This blister tray is made with high-quality pearlescent material to provide perfect protection and display for your makeup. Pearlescent material is a special plastic, means adding pearl master batch into sheets such as PS, PVC, PP, so as to make more presentable and also to creat a very shiny surface, enhance the visual effect of the product, and make your cosmetics stand out among many brands.

    The perfect combination of pearlescent material and blister packaging tray brings incomparable advantages to cosmetics. 

    First of all, the application of pearlescent materials gives the blister packaging tray an excellent visual effect, making the product stand out on the shelf. Its unique pearlescent luster attracts the attention of consumers and enhances the attention and attractiveness of the product.

    Secondly, the pearlescent material has excellent barrier properties, which can effectively isolate the influence of the external environment on cosmetics and maintain the quality and freshness of the product. This means that your cosmetics can stay in their best condition for a longer period of time without worrying about issues such as moisture, oxidation, or contamination.

    Thirdly, the blister packaging tray made of pearlescent material also has good durability and stability. It is able to withstand various environmental conditions such as temperature changes, humidity, etc., without deformation or damage. This means that your cosmetics are fully protected during transport and storage, reducing the risk of damage.

    In addition, this blister packaging tray is easy to use and open, making it easy for consumers to use and close again. Its tight lid ensures the freshness and hygiene of the product, while also preventing accidental ingestion or misuse by children.

    Finally, the pearlescent material blister packaging tray meets environmental standards and can be recycled. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also reduces production costs and meets the requirements of sustainable development.

    This blister packaging trays made of pearlescent materials offer many advantages for cosmetics, from improving visual effects to protecting product quality, to ease of use and environmental sustainability, all of which are ideal for cosmetic packaging.











    PS, PVC, PET, glycol distearate material, etc

    For products

    Lipsticks and lip balms, eyeshadows and makeup compacts, compact powders and blushes, cosmetic sets and kits, skincare products, travel-size products, nail polishes and nail care kits, etc


    • cosmetic blister tray (1)922
    • cosmetic blister tray (2)50g
    • cosmetic blister tray (3)fxi
    • cosmetic blister tray (4)iki
    • cosmetic blister tray (5)47s
    • cosmetic blister tray (6)ydm

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