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Designing and Molding

When you work with MinXing, you’ll have a partner that can walk you through the entire design, development and sampling process.  


Over the years, MinXing has close collaborations with customers, undertaking the design of numerous innovative packaging and products. To elevate your thermoforming application, MinXing's design team engages with you from the conceptualization phase to prototyping, ultimately delivering products that align with your specifications. Employing cutting-edge technology, we initiate the part design process, often commencing with a CAD file of your product. Backed by our engineering team's extensive experience across various application areas, we strive for excellence in every project.

We deliver fully functional, efficient, and cost-effective parts through meticulous upfront design and engineering that not only meet requirements but also streamline production. 
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The production of high-quality parts consistently and in a cost-effective manner is directly intertwined with the excellence of our molds. MinXing employs an in-house mold shop to oversee every aspect of the mold manufacturing process. This approach not only enables us to achieve superior quality but also facilitates efficient project schedule management. 

Upon the completion of mold production, our dedicated team ensures its ongoing maintenance, guaranteeing its functionality for the entire project's schedule.