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Custom Slide Blister Packaging for Toys and Hardware Tools

We offer a variety of hanging hole.

We offer custom blister packaging sizes, shapes, styles and also excel in custom blister packaging design. MinXing will work with you to design the best packaging for your product. We can rapidly build the production tool, run the blister and distribute the product straight to the supply chain so your product gets to consumers faster. Our slide blister packaging offers a sleek and convenient solution for showcasing and protecting your products.


    Slide blister is a kind of thermoformed blister, which is designed with flanges that wrap around three sides of an insert card. The card can slide into the blister, securing the card. 
    With an easy-to-use sliding mechanism, this packaging allows for effortless access while maintaining product integrity. The transparent nature of the blister allows customers to view the product inside, fostering a connection and trust. The slide feature adds a touch of sophistication, making it stand out on retail shelves and captivating potential buyers. The versatile design accommodates various product shapes and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.
    Whether used for electronics, cosmetics, or other retail items, our slide blister packaging offers a balance of form and function. The easy-to-slide mechanism simplifies the customer experience, making it convenient to inspect and handle the product without compromising its packaging. This design not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also ensures that your product remains the center of attention.
    In summary, our Slide Blister Packaging combines practicality and visual appeal to create a memorable and effective packaging solution. Elevate your product's presence on the market with this innovative packaging that seamlessly blends functionality and style.











    PET, PVC, etc


    Electronics, cosmetics, health and beauty products, hardware & tools, house hold items, daily necessities, stationery & sports supplies, toys and games, auto parts & supplies


    • slide blister (1)at5
    • slide blister (2)s18
    • slide blister (3)way
    • slide blister (4)4a4
    • slide blister (5)hxm
    • slide blister (6)2ey

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