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Custom clear clamshell packaging for hardware and auto parts

We not only sell clamshell packaging, we do more to provide you the packaging solutions. Our design team will work with you to create a clamshell package. Our clamshell packages have a wide rang of application in the fields of hardware and retails packaging like cosmetics, toys, sporting goods and so on.


    During the past years, MinXing has established itself as a leading thermoformer, offering more than just basic clamshell packaging. We work with our clients to create a clamshell package that not only functions well, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of your product. 
    We supply the standard clamshell box, clamshell trays, tri-fold clamshells and specialty clamshells upon your request.









    Clear or Colored


    PET, PP, PE, rPET, rPP, rPE, PVC, PS, ABS, GAG, etc


    Foods packaging, retails packaging, tamper clamshell packaging, school & office, health & beauty, hardware, electronics, sporting goods, crafts & hobbies, toys, etc


    • dispaly1 (4)8w1
    • SH-0006_五金汽配_对折 车标贴 7ued
    • SH-0108_文具文体_翻盖_跳绳-6 (1)gbm
    • SH-0131_五金汽配_对折_五金配件-6gax
    • SH-0177_纺织辅料_翻盖_纺织品-4rp2
    • SH-0131_五金汽配_对折_五金配件-7z2m


    Here are 5 key advantages of plastic clamshell packaging:
    1.Versatile Design: With most clamshell packaging, if you can imagine it, MinXing can create it. It can be just about any size and shape. From simple takeaway containers to complex designs featuring custom interior trays or multiple cavities for various product components. 
    2.Branding boost: In a marketplace brimming with choices, your packaging must make your product stand out on shelves. Our clear plastic clamshells allow customers to clearly see the product, showcasing it to its fullest potential.
    3.Enhanced Protection: Plastic is one of the most robust materials for packaging, shielding products from moisture, mold, and numerous solvents. Using a clamshell package provides protection for the product, the retailer, and the end user. 
    4.Anti-Tampering Features: High-value items often find their home in plastic clamshell packaging due to its tamper-evident properties.
    5.Eco-Friendly Options: For some applications, we offer starch-based bioplastic clamshells, presenting a sustainable packaging alternative. For any kind of plastic clamshell packaging needs, reach out to MinXing.

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