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Custom Blister Tray and ESD Tray for Electronics Supplies

Minxing is a long time leader in thermoformed electronics packaging, bringing the knowledge, materials and techniques to ensure that your static sensitive products are protected.

These ESD safe trays are typically used for the packaging, shipping and storing of small electronic parts like PCBs, circuit boards, and other components.


    The growth of the market demand for antistatic pallets is mainly due to the rapid development of the electronics industry. With the miniaturization and refinement of electronic equipment, the electrostatic sensitivity of electronic components is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for electrostatic protection are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, as one of the important means of electrostatic protection, the market demand for antistatic trays is also growing.

    ESD tray is a blister packaging tray designed for electronic components. This tray is made of high-quality materials, which give the sheet a certain conductivity by adding a conductive medium to the raw material. This can prevent the accumulation of static electricity, has good anti-static properties, and can effectively protect electronic components from static damage.

    This blister packaging tray is custom-designed and can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet the packaging needs of electronic components of different sizes and shapes. At the same time, the pallet also has good durability and stability, and can withstand various environmental conditions, such as temperature changes, humidity, etc., to maintain the quality and stability of the product.

    We work with materials that range from static dissipative to conductive and can easily find the ideal material match for your products or processes. We employ specially developed procedures to test both received materials and finished parts to ensure compliance.
    Our Custom ESD Blister Tray is engineered to meet the stringent requirements of electronics packaging, providing a specialized solution for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive electronic components.











    PS, PVC, PET, etc

    For products

    PCB, circuit boards, other small electronic components


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    ESD Protection: The blister tray is constructed with ESD properties, safeguarding electronic components from electrostatic discharge during handling and transportation.
    Custom Fit: Tailored to the specific dimensions of electronic components, ensuring a secure fit that minimizes movement and potential damage.
    Precision Engineering: Crafted with precision to meet the unique needs of electronics packaging, providing a reliable and durable solution.
    Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of electronic components, from microchips to connectors, offering a versatile packaging solution.
    Efficient Logistics: Designed to facilitate efficient logistics, the blister tray streamlines the handling and transport of electronic components, reducing the risk of damage in transit.

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